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This group of web pages originated as my final project for a Procedural Textures Course I took at George Washington University in the Spring of 1995. For my final project, I chose to produce images of Larry Niven's Ringworld. Niven invented the Ringworld as a compromise between a planet and a Dyson's sphere. He then wrote about it in his novels, Ringworld (1970), The Ringworld Engineers (1980), and The Ringworld Throne (1996). I've always thought it would be fun to render the Ringworld and jumped at this chance to do it.

Table of Contents

A Ringworld Primer
Ringworld Geometry
Ringworld Shadow Squares
Ringworld Underside
Ringworld Atmosphere
Ringworld Terrain
Ringworld Near Terrain
Ringworld Surface
Future Projects

Nota Bene!
In the following pages, which are somewhat graphics intense, all the in-line images are JPGs. Clicking on any image will download the 24-bit TIFF original. These images are not gamma corrected in any way so they will probably look dark on your monitor. I may apply a gamma correction to the in-line images in the future. TIFF images can be quite a bit bigger than the equivalent JPG image, but the quality is much better. What JPEG compression does to a starfield should be a crime.

Ringworld Copyright © 1970 Larry Niven.
The Ringworld Engineers Copyright © 1980 Larry Niven.
The Ringworld Throne Copyright © 1996 Larry Niven.

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